Intelligentsia Consultancy is a thought leader in the area of Macro Risk Issues, Risk Strategy, Business/Risk Strategic Alignment, Business Strategy Development, and Governance at Financial Institutions and Major Holding Companies.

In order to provide a flavor for the areas in which we have thought leadership, we avail below a group of presentations we have been asked to develop, and present at a range of conferences, seminars, and publications in the GCC and MENA region. Please feel free to download these PDF files for your perusal (by clicking on the icons). Also, feel free to borrow content as long as you mention the source (i.e. Intelligentsia Consultancy SPC, Bahrain). We hope you find these presentations informative, and look forward to discussing your consultancy needs related thereto.

Setting a Bank's Risk Appetite

Presented at Institute of International Finance - Open Program, at Doha, Qatar

Risk Management, Governance & Controls

Importance of Risk Management Governance & Controls for overall system stability, Abudhabi - Nov. 2009 

Risk Governance - Issues & Challenges

On Risk Governance, Risk appetite and Role of CROs at IIF CRO Forum, Dubai - May. 2013

Basel II Implementation

Progress & Challenges in Basel II Implementation at IIF MENA CEO Forum, Cairo - Feb. 2009   

Risk Management & Transparency in the Banking Sector

On Financial Crisis & Governance at IIF MENA CEO Forum, Amman - Feb. 2010

Governance & the Financial Crisis 

On Risk management post the financial crisis at TBLI Conference, Europe - Nov. 2011 

New Challenges in Financial Markets

Basel II and Beyond, Cairo - Jun. 2008

Growth Potential in Islamic Banking

At IIF MENA Regional Economic Forum, Bahrain - Nov. 2005  

Basel II Presentation

The new accord in light of regional opportunities, politics & challenges, Dubai March 2005

Managing Risk in a Risky World

At Middle East Risk Management Forum, Dubai - Jun. 2005 

Basel II & Shareholder value

Implementing the new accord and optimizing shareholder value, Madrid July 2004

Syndicating Strategies in Saudi Arabia

Presentation done in - Feb. 2005